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scenes from life at San Cristoforo

View the gallery below showing scenes from life here at San Cristoforo and places nearby - there are 25 slides in all.

San Cristoforo in 1983
San Cristoforo back in the 1980s
your hosts Peter (left) and Richard
evening view at San Cristoforo
view from San Cristoforo
wintery view from San Cristoforo
unusual guests in La Casetta garden
our valley
poppies still bloom in the fields around us
asphodel bloom up in our mountains
late spring meadows in our mountains
the piazza in nearby Cagli
detail of a Noli me tangere by Timoteo Viti in Cagli
detail of a Madonna with Saints by Giovanni Santi - Raphael's father - in Cagli
Ducal Palace at nearby Urbino
courtyard at the Ducal Palace
Villa Imperiale near Pesaro
the beach at Fano
nearby monastery of Fonte Avellana
castle of Frontone near San Cristoforo
local river swimming
frosty morning at San Cristoforo
San Cristoforo under deep snow in 2012
corn cobs hung to dry at a neighbour's house
the chapel at San Cristoforo as it used to be
a summer night view of La Casetta | foto: Sylvain Letall
Peter Greene & Richard Dixon
San Cristoforo
61043 Cagli (PU), Italy
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